When doing `somevar.flatMap { ... }` I get 'not en...
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When doing
somevar.flatMap { ... }
I get 'not enough information to infer type variable R', which is fine. I do know what R is supposed to be, which means something in my subsequent code isn't what I expect (I think it's clear that R is a Double, the compiler doesn't so there must be something wrong with my code). What I'd like to do to debug is have
somevar.flatMap<?, ?, Double>
, so telling the compiler 'infer the first 2 types, and I'll provide the 3rd' because computing the K and V generic types is actually somewhat bothersome, as it's part of a slightly more complicated expression. Is there some way to do this in Kotlin? If not, is there some context action through intellij? If still not, is there an extension?
the minimum example is unclear but have you tried writing the wrapper you describe as inline fun <reified A,reified B > ffmap (A,B,...) ?
I can, but obviously I don't want to write wrappers for every generic operation - was hoping the tooling or a language feature I didn't know about could solve the issue. Creating the wrapper as needed is fine, and perhaps slightly less onerous than manually computing the K and V types. Seems like this would be a good context feature though, like in this case a context action would be 'Specify type of R', and it creates the correct generic signature from the computed values, and sets the cursor on the remaining value it couldn't compute
Since it seems useful, I was hoping it was already done
this is a relic of the jvm that just blatantly ignores whatever type/c++ template aspirations you thought you were declaring.
type A is Object. type B is Object.
This will help (targeted for 1.7) https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KT-13394
Thanks @russhwolf; that's actually a slightly different request. But per the latest comment, it seems like maybe this is actually already implemented as
somevar.flatMap<_, _, Double>
, which is apparently going to be in 1.7, so I guess that's the answer to my original question ­čÖé