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(un)fortunately I have to code for Windows 11 and iOS, so the "cheapest" solution would be: • buying a mac mini M1 and roll my XPS • Windows 11 + WSL
I'd opt for something with an AMD chip
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I would go with anything Intel
@therealbluepandabear M1 battery duration is quite charming (unless your are coding Spring Boot + Docker 😂)
But like @tmg, until now, X1 is the winner because: • It's carbon fiber, so I won't have a heart attack if it falls like my MacBook • The keyboard is amazing, while XPS is too small
@Joost Klitsie why? integrated gpu?
The Ryzens are delivering great performance for their power budget, especially multicore and it can sustain the performance as well. For running multiple things (run some docker stuff, IDE's etc..) it is a clear winner compared to what Intel has to offer right now.
@Joost Klitsie Razer Blade is my childish dream, but it is more expensive than a car in Brazil
M1 Pro(?)
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I love the new Apple Arm CPUs, such performances for such small consumption. But I'd like much more when Linux can fully run on them
So, we are all gonna just ignore the NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3080 that comes with the razor blade?? 🤨
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the apple silicon is nice and we all want a gpu to heat our house, but im holding out for the return of the ps3 cell power architecture 😁
I use an macbook air with m1 for some months and I get 12 hours of battery life will heavy duty docker use
@christophsturm do you happen to use Idea and Gradle also?
basically i use it in a way that had 2 hour battery life in my previous notebook
its like a miracle
performance-wise instead?
its also the fastest notebook i ever had
about 60% faster than my mac mini
the only thing you need is arm based docker images for all your dependencies, but everything except confluent-kafka is available.
I'm actually waiting to see what they can bring on desktop
rumors suggested a 32/40 core cpu
yes me too. thats why I’m sticking with the macbook air for the time being
as far as I see, the new SOC excels in memory-bound scenarios.. and code compilation should be one of these
one problem with so many cpu cores is that nobody can do it on one die, and only amd can do multi die.
@jimn I miss programming for CELL... #not
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