Found an unprofessional code comment the other day...
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Found an unprofessional code comment the other day in the EFL source code (was trying to figure out how to do the efl_ui_win_autodel_set function so it is accessible from the Kotlin side). Below is the code comment (part of the comment has been censored):
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/* FIXME: what the actual ****. */
This comment is in the Efl_Ui.h file on line 184 (part of the libefl-all-dev v1.23.3-8 Debian Package).
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What is EFL? very unprofessional 🤭
EFL stands for Enlightenment Foundation Libraries ( ). This library is widely used for Embedded GUI applications on resource constrained devices (the sort of devices where the JVM doesn't work well) that run some form of Embedded Linux (Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black etc). Think of EFL being somewhat similar to GTK since it is a GUI toolkit. Various backends are supported by EFL including XOrg, Wayland, and the Linux Frame Buffer (many Embedded Linux GUI applications use it for performance reasons). Samsung is the largest user of EFL where they extensively use it in their Smart devices (watches, TVs, fridges etc). Another major EFL user is Electrolux ( ) where they used the library for an Embedded Linux GUI application on some of their Smart fridges back in 2010.
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it's totally professional!
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