I have a software development project management t...
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I have a software development project management type question on where to host a new library that might be developed later on. On GitLab there are some related Kotlin libraries that cover developing native desktop applications (for Linux) that use a GUI, which are under a single organisation called GUI Vista ( https://gitlab.com/gui-vista ). This new library (if developed) would cover 2D graphics using the Cairo library ( https://www.cairographics.org/ ) as a base, however Cairo isn't related to GUI's and unlike the GUI Vista libraries doesn't use the GObject system ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GObject ) as a foundation. What option should I go for with the new library. Please vote on one of the following options: • 1️⃣ - Make the new library part of the GUI Vista organisation • 2️⃣ - Have the new library in its own organisation • 3️⃣ - Organise the new library some other way (if voting for this option please leave a message)
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To me it seems like that question should be more about code-side things like package structures, not about the path on a remote git repository. Moving or copying a git repository is usually no problem at all. So if you notice later that it should have been somewhere else, you can always just move it. However, changing things like packages isn't as nice, assuming the library is already used in other projects.
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At the moment the new library is at the planning stage (it doesn't exist yet).