that's disappointing.. but it's part of the game w...
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that's disappointing.. but it's part of the game when you switch arch.. I guess we are going to see a lot of other cases like that. Hopefully they'll get smoothed asap
Also they cannot run docker as yet.
I was super interested to get one, but will hold off for now.
^--- This feller seems happy with his.
This one is building iOS apps which is already compiled for Apple Silicon
Indeed. I'm a Mac/iOS developer (among others) and yet I'm still holding off because I need docker and other tools.
any speculation yet on docker and virtualization support?
^-- There's this ticket, which is interesting. tldr; The devkits didn't have virtualization/hypervisor, the M1 does, but that's only part of picture.
^-- and this announcement.
let's give it a few months. seems like a fun toy to play with if you have spare $$, not somebody's typical main machine yet.