don't want to be a party pooper but Gradle is abso...
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don't want to be a party pooper but Gradle is absolutely the worst. Replacing one obscure language (Groovy) with another obscure language (Kotlin DSL kts) didn't do any favors. Now it's near impossible to google an quick solution to a problem because the chances are that the author of the tutorial used a different version of definition language or a different version of Groovy. Or a different version of Kotlin.
there is nothing to do with “different version of groovy” or “different version of kotlin”
it’s not something language specific at all
tho quite many things in Gradle changed and will change
Yeah no argument there. I gave it a shot ( I'm getting more comfortable with
now but the documentation is scarce and mostly around Groovy. And that doesn't change the fact there is a ton of bizarre and counter intuitive legacy when writing your build file in Kotlin
Thank you @cedric for Kobalt. I think JB missed an opportunity to have a sane build tool for Kotlin. Maybe they didn’t want to create a third standard for the jvm world, but effectively they did and it’s harder to google for gradle kts documentation than it would have been for something completely different.
Kash is another great idea, BTW.
What kind Gradle kts doc is needed? Just curious about particular cases
Thanks for the kind words, @pabl0rg!