ok turns out, its because the thing Im clicking in...
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ok turns out, its because the thing Im clicking init on is a interface, not a concrete class as in this example, but still..
those are just the defaults configured, you can change them. however (but disclaimer, I don’t know how intellij does its navigation), imagine
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val impl: Interface = MyImpl()
// from this point, impl is of type Interface
impl.doSomething() // here you click
it is probably possible to for intellij to see that
is a
and go directly to that implementation, rather than to the declaration, however that would require some custom handling rather than using the compiler. and if using the compiler, imagine you have multiple implementation of
, there is no way intellij can pick the correct one. so, much simpler to just ask you where you want to go.
if you want to try to change the defaults, the two are •
is called go to declaration (changing this would also change the way to navigate to variable declaration •
is go to implementation