A new minor version of Linux Mint has been release...
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A new minor version of Linux Mint has been released simple smile 🎉.
Below are some of the changes in the new minor version 👇
Updated version of Linux Mint Bluetooth app (known as Blueberry).
New XApp Status API, which is available through libxapp ( https://github.com/linuxmint/xapps/tree/master/libxapp ). Since it is a C library is should be accessible via Kotlin Native's C interop system.
Newer version of Linux kernel used, and Linux Mint of course.
New wallpapers. Linux Mint provides the best selection of landscape wallpapers out of any Linux distribution 😀.
Linux distribution information via the terminal. Some of the Linux Mint components have been updated (Cinnamon, Mutter etc).
I noticed there was a button to ignore the problem ...
Yes, it is strange that the Linux Mint upgrade is included as a problem in the System Reports app.
The Linux Mint upgrade should be mentioned in the Update Manager app (inside a banner), with the option to dismiss the upgrade.