hello guys. I have a question. We would like to in...
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hello guys. I have a question. We would like to include several onboarding videos on our app. How would you do that? Streaming them is actually not cool for user's data plans. Having them in our app will increase the app size 5 times. Currently our app is around 11 MB, the videos are around 60 MB. Also have you some hints on what would be the proper video format as a trade off between quality and size? Kind regards, thanks
Users are gonna use up their data downloading the video one way or another. Might as well just stream it and keep your app small on the long run.
And with YouTube users can choose the quality.
Would it be feasible to program an onboarding instead of having a video for it? Otherwise, let users skip it. 60 MB is a lot.
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HEVC or VP9 would likely be good choices for high-efficiency codecs. Just experiment a bit. Also check at runtime which codecs the device supports, then stream the best one for the device: https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/media/media-formats#video-codecs
You can also check if the data saver mode is turned on and in that case stream a LQ version.
Plus: Stream the right resolution for the device. Don't stream a 720p video when the screen is low resolution.
Hi there guys. thanks for the fast answers. @Dominaezzz regarding the usage of data you are right and we will rather prefer to keep our app light as much as possible since we are deploying versions quite often. Regarding youtube, yes I think that will be the way to go, guess youtube allows to set the streaming quality dynamically. @cbruegg regarding creating an onboarding animation, yes, that would be my perfect choice but the customer already created few of those videos, so no way of putting it to the table now. Thanks for sharing about the codecs, we will take it into account. I think we will go with the youtube choice for now, when not online we will have a different flow, with static screens or so. Thanks
I would go with bundled images and if user on unmetered network - stream videos
And if they’re not on wifi, let the user confirm that they want to stream these videos on their data plan, that should cover all your bases.
Assuming you target Android, you can also use dynamic delivery with uninstallable module for onboarding, and put one video per density or screen size or both to slim down video with onboarding for lower resolution screens.