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hello 🙂 I am building a new project and as it’s my first JVM web project for a while, I am quite confused on which template engine to use on top of Spring Boot. I used Thymeleaf in the past but found it quite heavy to use (lot of writing for not a lot of things). I also used Twig and Jinja2 and loved both for their simplicity and the possibility to define a layout which is extended by individual templates in which I can define only the blocks I wish to change (example : https://twig.symfony.com/doc/2.x/tags/extends.html) Does the community have frameworks to recommend? For now I found Pebble and Jtwig as good candidate but I am curious about other frameworks I could not be aware of and your opinion on these two ones. Edit: I also wish to have a good IDE support so writing templates is not a pain.
Spring boot starter shows Thymeleaf, Groovy templates, Apache Freemarker and Mustache. Of those I only used Freemarker, which is pretty ok in ide support and code needed to get it working.
Mustache is good too... One of the faster ones.
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Thank you 🙂