Hello guys, is it 100% safe to upgrade stdlib 1.3....
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Hello guys, is it 100% safe to upgrade stdlib 1.3.0 -> 1.3.35 in production without break anything? Should we be careful of something in particular?
1.3.35 doesn’t exist
In general I wouldn’t update stdlib without updating Kotlin itself
Sorry, *31 😁 I'm playing with some deps and messed up the version
Yes, anyway I mean the full kotlin "pack" but breaking changes would be on the stdlib I guess
if you update Kotlin it it’s backward compatible, but of course there are may be some bugs, changes (mostly about tooling and build tools), but I don’t know any particular issues
There are no breaking changes in the language or stdlib
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I believe there are no breaking changes (in terms of source or binary compatibility) in Kotlin even if you update from 1.0 to 1.3.31
My concern it's only about some "dirty" code, some has been auto-converted from Java a i seen something like
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object : Function1<x> {
    override fun invoke... 
incremental releases are fully compatible, only optimizations and bug fixes happen. Feature releases are backwards compatible.
And it is for Kotlin 1.0
Awesome, thank you 🙂