I'd pay to be able to edit Kotlin code from my And...
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I'd pay to be able to edit Kotlin code from my Android smartphone and have full git availability. I am working on a project where I get inspired when I'm not at my desk, and be able to work bit by bit on the go would be very valuable to me. Is a mini IntelliJ planned for Android? I just need Kotlin/JVM support, ability to compile the code and run it on the device, and git support. I know an app named AIDE (which I bought in the past), but it seems abandoned, and doesn't support Kotlin. I guess it was made by 4 guys, so my dream doesn't seem so impossible. Is anything of this sort planned at some point? Is there a way to contribute or make it happen faster?
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If you ask JetBrains then we don’t have any plans like this at the moment.
Is there a way to spark such a discussion to see if it feasible, and make notes from this discussion public, so even if JetBrains isn't willing to invest in it, community could attempt to make this dream a reality?
It's not exactly what you want, and the UX isn't great, but you can use try.kotlinlang.org from a mobile browser if you just want to prototype something
Yes, I know about try.kotl.in, but it lacks the UX of a good native app, no autocompletion and relies on internet to save the code. I'd probably give some time to make an app that can make my dream a reality if it can keep on pace with Kotlin newer versions, but I doubt I can do it alone.
I also tried out this koans app a while ago and I think it had a reasonable development interface (though I don't remember in detail). You could take a look and see if there's anything helpful there if you're building your own solution: https://github.com/vickychijwani/kotlin-koans-android
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I know only one way to engage community with something… Start building and share progress! 🙂
@louiscad i've managed to get IntelliJ running on my Android phone some time ago, it was rather slow and unusable (maybe more usable if i had a bigger screen), but then again, my phone is 5 years old (Sony Xperia Z2) Had to install a Debian OS on the phone which allowed me to run full Java applications. It's quite old, but it might still work (works on a non-rooted phone): https://apkpure.com/debian-noroot/com.cuntubuntu Chroot is another option: https://wiki.debian.org/ChrootOnAndroid
There's an SSH client called JuiceSSH which might allow you to forward X to your phone using
ssh -X ....
, some browser plugins also allow you to view a linux desktop via
Now install a headless desktop on a server somewhere via docker (so that you can snapshot it) and then you can use a phone browser to access your intellij
I've done a headless Ubuntu in Docker once and managed to get it working in Chrome, but that was a long time ago
running Debian directly on your phone will kill your battery very fast