whoohoo, Kotlin finally has an icon on StackOverfl...
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whoohoo, Kotlin finally has an icon on StackOverflow 😄
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Uhm. What. Why is the icon an android with just a tiny kotlin icon on its belt, that's not even visible at the normal size? That does not feel right, it should just be the Kotlin icon, nothing more and nothing less 🤨
i have no idea, i'm just posting what i saw
Yeah that question is not directed at you specifically, I just figured maybe someone here has some more background info on that
somebody paid for that icon, one can't just put icons on stuff on StackOverflow
i noticed Android tags also have icons, so maybe it was Google who did it. That icon looks like the Android mascot.
at first I was "cool", then I was "wtf is that" 😄
cmon, kotlin is much more than just android
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yeah, like @Dias mentioned, Generics has the same icon
As an android developer, this also made me raise an eyebrow. I've been advocating kotlin to fellow java developers from other areas, and this association generates more confusion than anything else
It is a minor thing, but a pretty bad one
Yeah, that was exactly my reasoning. Kotlin already has the disadvantage of being so closely associated with Android, this definitely won't help. It feels shady, like an attempt at promoting Android where it does not belong.
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The perception of, "Kotlin is closely associated with Android, therefore it is only good for Android development" is unwarranted. Kotlin is commonly used in other areas (eg back-end development -


; https://www.jetbrains.com/research/devecosystem-2018/kotlin/ ). Agree with Robin that the icon doesn't promote a good image for Kotlin, and needs to be promptly changed.
We’re looking into it.
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Just to follow-up - this has been addressed and the general Kotlin is now displayed.
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or maybe it requires some time to get update?
SO heavily caches stuff, so we're probably just waiting for cache to refresh