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I think Kotlin is nearly as safe as Rust thanks to its awesome compiler, and proactive IDE inspections
Kotlin (native) isn't really relevant for things like operating systems, drivers, super low level stuff etc. You simply need to be able to access memory in an unsafe way there.
Do you mean Native specifically? I figure it’s about as memory-safe as Swift since it’s also using an automatic reference counting scheme, but other than that I don’t think the comparison is valid - Kotlin has no pointers, no critical need for borrow checking, no
blocks, etc
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@karelpeeters Kotlin/Native has interop with C, so you can technically use memory in an unsafe way. The good is that you can choose which code exactly uses unsafe memory access, and the rest is safe. Memory unsafety everywhere is the problem, because you can't realistically check all the unsafe memory accessing code is actually safe.