hey guys, I have a mock server <https://mocklets.c...
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hey guys, I have a mock server https://mocklets.com which helps in simulating HTTP-based APIs for front end development. Currently we are providing only cloud-based service, but from the feedback we received from our users, there is also a need of hosted services which can be deployed on in-house infrastructure for the clients who don't want to expose their API schema to the cloud. So we are looking to develop a variant of our service to be hosted on client's infrastructure. Since the service will be using a database to store information, we are struggling on how to setup a database along with the setup process, and also don't want to expose our database schema to our client. Can anyone guide me towards any solution? Thanks
If your code will run on the client's hardware, there is nothing you can do to stop them from reverse engineering everything about it. You can try making it harder, but keep in mind it'll never be 100%.
yeah, thats fine, but the first thing is to how to get it install alongwith the main service