I also saw comparison with Elm and other js framew...
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I also saw comparison with Elm and other js frameworks, but Elm needed like 10 times more code then the least one. You really need to write a lot of code.
10 times more code? that sounds crazy. where is the comparison?
It was 3 times, https://medium.freecodecamp.org/a-real-world-comparison-of-front-end-frameworks-with-benchmarks-2018-update-e5760fb4a962 but it's not really fair, because that count lines, and elm has a lot of lines which are almost empty. While in re-frame you can write a lot in a one line x-expression. Also you can use different levels of framework to effect the amount of lines needed.
if you compare it to the popular React or Angular, it's not even 1.5 times.
angular, react and vue all have 2k lines in the example. Elm has 2.8k.
So let's be fair