Everything else these kind of stuff should go away...
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Everything else these kind of stuff should go away. You don't even type much less, and IDE can't really take advantage of the language. Once you have a big codebase, it becomes unmanageable. Big codebase are already hard, without proper IDE/lang help, they get harder.
Having worked on a Python code-base with > 1,000,000 lines of code I can agree with this statement. Dynamic languages are really hard to refactor with confidence even with the best IDE.
Then people say it's easy once you have good unit test coverage. But let's face it, a lot of these projects don't.
We've got v good Unit & Integration Test coverage but it's still not 'easy'. Python is still a decent choice of language for the project due to the v small overhead required to spin up services & it allowed us to deliver to v tight deadlines but there are pros/cons of all technical decisions.