Hello, have someone any experience with React Nati...
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Hello, have someone any experience with React Native & Kotlin ? #javascript
Probably @spierce7 could help you
It works here (in JetBrains projects, not open, though).
I should probably write a blog post on this.
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@lukas.mega I ended up giving up on this approach for a few reasons: 1. the development cycle is really complicated. 2. You are pretty much limited to sharing static apis. That might be enough for most people though. 3. kotlinx library support for javascript wasn't where I needed it to be. All of a sudden I found myself trying to fill in way to many gaps by myself. 4. I tried kotlin/native and it was MUCH farther along than I expected. Kotlin/native also offers a much higher degree of sharing between platforms. I wasn't limited by sharing static apis in singleton class instances using Singleton proxy objects. 5. My iOS devs got cold feet. This is the biggest reason why. Instead my team is now developing the application using Kotlin-common modules, and we're trying out architectures with the intent of sharking code in the future with kotlin-native. I got as far as even debugging React-native in IntelliJ. I even created a code generator to generate react-native kotlin async apis into android / swift proxy objects. This made calling back and fourth between RN much easier.
Dang, I’d really like this to be easy / possible. I love React Native and Kotlin and think it’d be a brilliant marriage. Can you even fire up all native widgets in Kotlin Native / {android,ios}?
oh sorry. I should specify I was using it as a way to share code with native. If you just use React-native, then it's totally possible
you just stay in the react-native world