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Somebody needs to develop a compiler-enforced inspection that would reject malicious apps during compilation 🧌
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Is this another measurement of programming language success “When malware authors use your language…“?
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I wonder if Kotlin-Native will be useful for pen-testing, like Python.
@elizarov Don't stop there, the compiler also needs to check for bait-and-switch rickrolling.
You know your lang is legit when it's used to develop malware. The gold standard is when a trojan is made.
Will a feature be added to the Kotlin compiler to automatically remove ads? 😆
Honestly, you guys laugh, but I would really like to work on writing symbolic executors to find code-paths to detect shtuff like this. We do have the technology, we just need some faster data structures and faster hardware to run it in a reasonable deployment package such that google/microsoft/apple can detect these kinds of things for all applications submitted to them.