My veteran Python coworker has been heavily commit...
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My veteran Python coworker has been heavily committing Kotlin code the past week, with no JVM experience and only Intellij/JDK setup help from me. This says a lot about the Kotlin platform. Also, he picked up TornadoFX almost instantly just by looking at my code.
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That's great. I spent ~5 years doing Python & find a lot of the collection manipulation (e.g. map, fold, filter etc) to be v similar to Python's List & Map Comprehensions. Python also has lambdas & partial functions etc which again are a stepping stone.
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that's your charm and dialectic, Thomas Dont underestimate yourself 😎
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Still find myself yearning for some of the Python constructs (in particular defaultDict & accumulators) but I certainly wouldn't switch back. The safety of a compiled language is just too reassuring 🙂