On SO, downvotes are intended to be constructive. ...
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On SO, downvotes are intended to be constructive. They are intended to advise people that the question is not good. And there are not-good questions. Some are clutter, some are genuinely wrong and would confuse people.
tenwit: True, but how a down vote without a comment is constructive?
The downvote is constructive to other people. The comment would be constructive to the OP.
Maybe I should try to find an example of a well-downvoted question...
Heh, this isn't quite what I was thinking but it's a good one 🙂 https://stackoverflow.com/questions/13519990/why-does-i-j-k-j-i-kk-i-j-11
Hmm.. another good reason to downvote in this one, but still not what I was thinking of... https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35214011/is-it-possible-to-display-https-in-the-url-without-using-https
Should I find an example of a question with a ton of constructive comments and no down votes ? 😛
No 🙂 I know these exist. I just know that there's a good reason for the existence of the downvote mechanism, too. It isn't about the OP, it's about the quality and reliability of SO's answers.
Unfortunately people associate downvotes with a personal slight against them: that's not what they're for. They're to help future visitors.
Anyway, I've had fun trawling the bottom end of Stack Overflow, so thanks for the opportunity 🙂 Good night.