is there some summary page about bugs in Kotlin? i...
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is there some summary page about bugs in Kotlin? in particular I'm interested in bug increase over time e.g. after major version bumps, and how the speed of new bugs appearing relates to the speed of fixing them 😅 YouTrack is public so I could glue some nifty query and dashboard myself, but maybe someone has already done it?
Hmm, not sure what you expect to see from that.. Obviously amount of bugs filed will also depend on how many users the language has which also varies over time. Probably a lof of other variables as well, which might make it hard to tell if the true fault/fix rate is growing or decreasing?
I might have given a wrong example - I meant any interesting insights about the bugs. Anything more than an unordered list of thousands of YouTrack issues. Of course it's challenging to create such insights because they can get easily misinterpreted and bring bad PR.
another interesting statistic that comes to my mind: an average/maximum/p90/whatever bug age