how can it be? I looked for a data class in intell...
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how can it be? I looked for a data class in intellij and it found 28 usages, 21 instance creation. then I hit refactor constructor (cmd+f6 on mac), now I am witnessing at looking for usages since 5 minutes. a lot seems due to components scanning, but it also seems like idea is analysing completely unrelated code. does anybody know of a related yt? I tried to look briefly, but not really sure what to look for actually
is it looking for string usages?
it does not look like, it just looks everywhere. I have a multi-module gradle project with fixtures, and this class is in the “core” module used by most of the others. I see generic looking for usages in
, fixtures objects, other classes (all seem to use the class I am refactoring in some way or another). I patched the problem by stopping the refactoring and doing it manually, as I wrote looking for usages separately (Find panel) is quite fast and did not show many new creation (also considering 15 of those 28 were in test file), it just looks weird refactoring the constructor is doing something completely different than looking for usages
Is it reproducible? If so could you please report it in YouTrack? I know that refactoring (like renaming something) can be capricious in idea.
I’ll try later and see what would the minimal setup to reproduce. I would expect (but it is a guess) project size probably matters, though our project is not gigantic (you know 😜 )
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