I remember reading about a way to benchmark our co...
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I remember reading about a way to benchmark our code using Kotlin Duration classes, I can't find it back. I know there is measureTime, measureTimedValue, but it execute in a block and I'm pretty sure there was a way to do it outside of a block, or by calling a method to "mark" moment of time (like start and stop), does anybody know wha I'm talking about ?
I think it might be this actually : https://kotlin.christmas/2020/20
I really like the Kotlin Duration API. I did not know about
etc that go along with it, so I wrote my own functions which I can share if you want.
well right now I'm using TimeSource.Monotonic.markNow() and elapsedNow() on the returned mark, (the ocntent of measureTime), but I think I remember something about mark multiple values, and having a summary/list at the end... I wonder if it's was all a dream ­čśä
Well it wasn't in a test environment, but I might have imagined the "stopwatch" features, I think what I read was probably just this tweet : https://twitter.com/kotlin/status/1379858520703655940 with the markNow/elapsedNow (which is pretty much what I was looking)