Which Kotlin book should I recommend to my teammat...
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Which Kotlin book should I recommend to my teammate who is going to start with Kotlin? (He has experience with Python).
None, tell him to do online tutorials or watch some youtube videos on the topic. He'll learn much faster and retain the knowledge much better. (just my opinion, your mileage might vary)
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koans are my preference on any programming language
I am also more oriented into learn-by-doing for practical things. books are better suited for theoretical stuff, like programming concepts, but when it comes to specific languages just jump into koans, specific tutorials and in general code
Yeah the same ^ but I'd also say that jumping into a koans depends on overall experience as a software engineer
I also like learn by doing, but some language books contain so much more than syntax basic stuff. E.g., Erlang book contains great stuff about error handling, concurrency, Clojure book(s) about data structures, concurrency, ... which makes learning such language(s) so much more exciting.
not brand new but still a great read: https://www.manning.com/books/kotlin-in-action
this book is very good, but it doesn't have anything about coroutines
it’s great for learning the basics of kotlin … after that you gained enough initial knowledge to learn about coroutines from https://kotlinlang.org/docs/coroutines-overview.html
https://hyperskill.org/ has good projects to learn by practicing