hi folks, my name is Fernando Avanzo, and i work w...
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hi folks, my name is Fernando Avanzo, and i work with kotlin above two year, all what i learned is throught study of the documentation Jetbrains , webninars, and of the comunnity tutorials in Medium. I would like to ask, if have a offcial program of certification of koylin? how the OCJP by Oracle? If has, what i need do to get? Thanks for the help guys
Don't chase any certifications. It's just my personal opinion, but I find them useless and a big waste of money. When hiring, I'd much rather pick a candidate with cool github profile over some load of dry certifications
I am with @Big Chungus on this one. Again, this is not a fact. Just a personal opinion.
Thanks for the feedback guys. I personaly agree with you. My intention with that question, is understood what are the vision of the community above that topic. And with that data, suggest to my company another way to avaliate our knowloge of kotlin. Anyone of you have a sugestion?
Totally agree with the others, certificates are total waste. Contribute to free/open software or start your own. That's the best thing.
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