I find it very hard to get to the javadoc (or shou...
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I find it very hard to get to the javadoc (or should I say kotlindoc) for kotlin classes. If I go to the kotlinlang website and enter "flow" as a search request, I find articles about flow but not the javadoc.. Is it available somewhere? Is there a magic query that can show me results for only javadoc (not the whole documentation)?
Docs on coroutines are pretty easy to find on the main Kotlin docs site, so I’m going to assume that by “javadoc” you mean the API reference.
is considered separate from the core language, and its generated kdocs live here: https://kotlin.github.io/kotlinx.coroutines/kotlinx-coroutines-core/
yes this is what I meant and was looking for. It is not searchable though...
Also, from intellij you can use
ctrl - q
to render the docs