(Using the sealed class from the previous message)...
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(Using the sealed class from the previous message) Is there a reason IDE doesn't suggest eliminating
altogether in this case?
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val x: A = A.X(0)
when (x) {
    else -> 1
Are this kind of questions appropriate for this channel? What's a better match? #getting-started?
so long as you're using Slack threads and not dumping page-long code snippets in the channel I don't think people will complain
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and I dunno, maybe there's just not an intent for that. should be similar to
if (false)
if (true)
intents that IntelliJ has
if you look at the channel browser, there's #intellij
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it's pretty quiet though. in any case, you can file an issue on https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/ for this missing inspection
Got it. I just though if there was something I didn't know about
preventing IDE from eliminating it.