Hey - my son (14, bright) is interested in spendin...
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Hey - my son (14, bright) is interested in spending February half term learning Kotlin. He’s basically a complete beginner programmer. We’ve found this: https://www.udemy.com/course/kotlin-course/ Any experience with it? Or other suggestions? Grateful for any feedback or thoughts. Thanks!
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The Android development in Kotlin Udacity courses could also be a good start if he's interested in that sort of thing. That's personally how I (also at 14) learned Kotlin, but at the time I did have some Java Android knowledge already so maybe that helped
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Thanks, might point him at that second.
In my opinion you should not jump straight to a language because there is lots of concepts that are given all at once, and a kid can demotivate pretty fast and be quite frustrating, and if you apply to Android even worst. Maybe something simpler might be better, just to change the thinking paradigm to loops and ifs, like this https://developers.google.com/blockly
"Complete beginner" was perhaps a slight exaggeration - he's done loads of Scratch, so loops / conditionals etc. aren't new concepts.
In that case go for it, didn't know about his background, I think Kotlin is a really good choice. But still I would not jump to Android
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