:wave: Hey. Looking for some help. I am writing a ...
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­čĹő Hey. Looking for some help. I am writing a game using kotlin native and KorGE. All my items classes are generated and extend the sealed class
. This results in a kotlin file ~14k lines long. And Intellij IDEA simply cannot handle the file. It essentially freezes instantly as long as the file exists in the project. Any ideas on how to deal with this situation?
Why are you using a sealed class?
Currently I'd say that you sadly have to unseal the class and split the file into mulitple ones. In the future, however, the Kotlin team already has plans on easing the sealed class restrictions so that you can have the inheritors in the same module instead of the same file.
i think i used sealed classes to enable serialization using kotlinx
will test unsealing. thx for the feedback
is there any way to disable all pre-runtime analysis on a given file? that would really be the best option for me atm if there is
i tried disabling analysis but it did not help
File > Power Save Mode?