I'm using latest version of Intellij EAP, but the ...
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I'm using latest version of Intellij EAP, but the IDE can't find the latest version of kotlin(1.4.20) plugin. version found: 1.4.10 (203-1.4.10-release-IJ5981.20) Do I have to manually install the plugin or add any repository?
It's still in the staging track but named as release: https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/6954-kotlin/versions/staging
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@Paul Woitaschek Yes, I downloaded it but not is compatible with 203 version. It's the first time that I've seen this chanel in the plugins. Do you have more info. about staging chanel? Is it a Jetbrains testing chanel?
@frank 1.4.20 Plugin will be bundle into IDEA 203 after its release ­čÖé
@Margarita Bobova Thx, In the EAP channel I have seen that it is available until version 2020.2.4 Do you know when it will be available for Intellij 2020.3? Edit: Sry, I had misunderstood you with Kotlin release instead of Intellij release version. Do you know if in the future EAP versions of Kotlin plugin only will be available in stable versions of IDE?