IMPORTANT Folks, please remember that the purpose...
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IMPORTANT Folks, please remember that the purpose of this Slack is for Kotlin and anything related to Kotlin. It is not a general platform to have channels and discussions around technology in general. As such, creating channels that are off-topic (i.e. a channel on MVVM architecture for instance….just made that up, not sure if it exists), is not really acceptable. Why this policy? Because this is about Kotlin and the Kotlin community. If we start allowing a variety of off-topic channels, tomorrow we may very-well end up with many different channels that are no longer remotely related to Kotlin, and then it no longer becomes a Kotlin Community but a strange form of StackOverflow as a Slack instance. We realise it’s often hard to distinguish between a general topic and its relation to Kotlin, but, a good rule of thumb is to find the intersection between the two. If there is intersection, then it makes sense to discuss/have channels around the topic. Appreciate your understanding on this matter. Thanks.
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True, it's currently even hard to search Kotlin relevant channels as the channels list is crowded 😣
All channels (except #random) are Kotlin relevant, in theory 😀