What would the best place be to post suggestions f...
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What would the best place be to post suggestions for the Kotlin language on the whole? I'm digging into Jetpack Compose and it seems like they ran into the same issue I keep struggling with. The simple lack of "multi extension" functions. IDK if there is a good reason they don't already exist, or if someone has already proposed they just be added to the language, but I think they would be hugely useful. eg.
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data class First(
    val partOfFirst: String
data class Second(
    val partOfSecond: String
fun First.Second.multiExtension() {
    println(partOfFirst + partOfSecond)
fun main() {
    First("hello ").apply {
        Second("world").apply {
            //possible because First and Second are both in this scope.
from the Kotlin 1.4 Online Event last month:


@Exerosis you can take a look at the following channels: #language-evolution or #language-proposals
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