I've been facing this problem for a while. Each ti...
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I've been facing this problem for a while. Each time I press ctrl + space to open a suggestion, Intellij tries to index something and close a suggestion window. Has anyone had a problem like this?
yeah started happening to me with latest intellij
if you look closely it looks like intellij attempts to precompile stuff too soon which drops the focus from the suggestion window
I had the same issue also. I believe I solved it by restarting IntelliJ with the clean caches option.
I hadn't thought of that, but I reinstalled the IDE and it worked. Next time this happens, I will do as you said
@RafaelLange I think you're also using Kite plugin, it might be interfering with IntelliJ Idea's built-in autocompletion feature. try disabling the Kite plugin and see if it solves the problem.
This happened for me, too. I think the latest EAP behaves better? I also have auto build enabled - maybe it is related to that?
Can somebody please report an issue to http://kotl.in/issue with a sample project attached (if possible) and your IDEA logs, it should probably have some exception from IDE stubs or something like that.
@Rajkumar Singh I disable the Kite, and it's still not working.
@Alexey Belkov [JB] If this problems appears to me again, i will report an issue.
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