Hey there! I’m working on an article about Kotlin,...
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Hey there! I’m working on an article about Kotlin, and I’m looking for a good resource that shows its recent growth, maybe even compared to other languages like Java. What are good resources out there that are independent from JetBrains (which is arguably biased ;))?
This is from the Kotlin 1.4 event (so I guess potentially has the bias you mentioned 🙂 ) - but numbers quoted are mostly from independent sources https://twitter.com/joreilly/status/1315656615618646017?s=20
You could try the annual Stack Overflow surveys. The are some numbers about Kotlin and its popularity in there.
@John O'Reilly those are nice - but they aren’t quoting the original source, so not really independent
Maybe Stackoverflow surveys are a good idea, or the GitHub Octoverse reports
GitHub 2018 report was that Kotlin grew 2.6x in contributors, and 2019 report was that it gained +82% in programming language use. Those are great to show Kotlin is the fastest growing language for the JVM. Unfortunately the Octoverse 2020 report is not out yet.
SO 2020 survey is interesting, and less chances to be tied to a particular ecosystem (ask JS developer which is the #1 language, it will be JS, a Java dev, that’s Java, etc.) : https://stackoverflow.blog/2020/05/27/2020-stack-overflow-developer-survey-results/
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