considering the following code: ```val hasMyPredi...
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considering the following code:
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val hasMyPredicate = someObject.someField.hisField.finalField != null
val someOtherBoolean = extensiveFunction()
    hasMyPredicate && someOtherBoolean -> {...}
    !hasMyPredicate && someOtherBoolean -> {...}
    !hasMyPredicate && !someOtherBoolean -> {...}
    hasMyPredicate && !someOtherBoolean -> { val value = someObject.someField.hisField.finalField //value is nullable here, but the precondition made sure that it isn't }
How can I reference a deep inner value to be non-null and then when accessed it is autotyped to be non-null I absolutely hate using !! and especially error("...") if the chain of access calls are all on non-settable values (they are all val)
I think if you write this before your `when`then the compiler will consider it safe to run without risk for NPE:
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if (someObject.someField.hisField.finalField == null) {
   // do something that exits the function