Does the kotlin plugin `no-arg` work with kotlin m...
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Does the kotlin plugin
work with kotlin multiplatform? I have this
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plugins {

noArg {
//    annotation("org.neo4j.ogm.annotation.NodeEntity")
I also have this class
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open class UserAccount(
    override var id: Long? = null,
    override var uid: String = "",
    val name: String,
    val permits: List<String> = listOf(),
    override var deleted: Boolean = false
) : Neo4JEntity
But after compilation, I get this compiled JavaCode
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@kotlinx.serialization.Serializable @org.neo4j.ogm.annotation.NodeEntity public open class UserAccount public constructor(id: kotlin.Long? /* = compiled code */, uid: kotlin.String /* = compiled code */, name: kotlin.String, permits: kotlin.collections.List<kotlin.String> /* = compiled code */, deleted: kotlin.Boolean /* = compiled code */) : {
    public companion object {

    @kotlin.Deprecated public constructor(seen1: <http://kotlin.Int|kotlin.Int>, id: kotlin.Long?, uid: kotlin.String?, name: kotlin.String?, permits: kotlin.collections.List<kotlin.String>?, deleted: kotlin.Boolean, serializationConstructorMarker: kotlinx.serialization.SerializationConstructorMarker?) { /* compiled code */ }

    public open var deleted: kotlin.Boolean /* compiled code */

    @field:org.neo4j.ogm.annotation.Id @field:org.neo4j.ogm.annotation.GeneratedValue public open var id: kotlin.Long? /* compiled code */

    public final val name: kotlin.String /* compiled code */

    public final val permits: kotlin.collections.List<kotlin.String> /* compiled code */

    public open var uid: kotlin.String /* compiled code */

    public final fun ref(): { /* compiled code */ }

    @kotlin.Deprecated public object `$serializer` : kotlinx.serialization.internal.GeneratedSerializer<> {
As you can see, It surely has no a no argument constructor. How do I achieve this?
Can anyone please confirm if the no-arg kotlin plugin works with kotlin multiplatform?
One for #multiplatform rather than this channel. But yes, no-arg is a compiler plugin, and as such not tied to a platform.
Not all compiler plugins are created equal multiplatform Maybe serialization doesn't play well with noarg?