I have a fairly large kotlin backend app, 14 KLOC,...
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I have a fairly large kotlin backend app, 14 KLOC, 1.3.70, gradle-based. If I want to improve compile times for edit->compile->run in IntelliJ, where do I start (using IntelliJ:s built-in compiler, 2020.1)
There's been conversation in #intellij around IDE/compiler performance. People are reporting good results with 1.4-M1, but that may not be an option for a production system. But from the #intellij channel, at a minimum, ensure you're using the latest IntelliJ, and try the 1.4-M1 Kotlin plugin in the IDE. Take a read, and then you can make your own call. And if you have any data to pass along, there is at least one JB person getting involved there to help solve this issue.
Also use Gradle modules instead of everything in one module
Some Android apps like ours are 400K LOC FYI...