Has anyone been reading about Kotlin 1.4? I'm spec...
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Has anyone been reading about Kotlin 1.4? I'm specifically wondering about the KotlinJS changes coming. To be really specific: I have multiple multiplatform projects going. One is setup with frontend/common/backend main/test. Another project is (hopefully going to be) setup with ios/android/web/common main/test... but now I have this dilemma of what to do with the web app, since it would need frontend/common/backend main/test but that's getting confusing, complicated and no idea the right way to set it up; So in reading online it sounds like frontend and backend are effectively being merged in this scenario. Is this correct and is this intended to fix the situation in which I describe?
I guess they really expect you to do this for now. Wish you could just declare a function or class for target compiler so js and jvm could be merged.
There was some talk about /JS in release 1.4 in a recent episode of the Talking Kotlin podcast
Yeah, in reading the below link section "unified backend extensibility" it almost sounds as if what I describe is being focused on. i.e. it sounds like a project targeting jvm can now compile js for it. I mean, ktor is backend and it does html and routing and I think it did css at one point, but never js which doesn't make sense. It's like I sense the concept of a frontend and backend evaporating with kotlin and instead being able to program with client and server concepts directly, man that would be cool. https://blog.jetbrains.com/kotlin/2019/12/what-to-expect-in-kotlin-1-4-and-beyond/