is there library that pretty prints java or kotlin...
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is there library that pretty prints java or kotlin objects via reflection? something like
i did that by myself once might be a bad idea especially if objects are related with a two-way relationship then it never ends or the logic to make it work is stateful not great either
if you work with
data class
the print is really well
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like PPRint
kotlin already do a nice print of fields in data classes
i just want to know if there is something. maybe i write one if there isnt.
I think for kotlin it's don't needed, due the fact of data classes already do it for you
They have hashcode and equals builders also
How about Lombok? It has nice
annotations and minimises code in Java
well i just wanted something like `pp`in ruby for usage in the console and debugging. so it should just work with in any object, also jdk objects.
and maybe its a fun little open source library, but first i want to know whats already available.
but `ReflectionToStringBuilder`is basically exactly that. just didnt occur to me that i can use it from outside a class