We are starting the 1.4-M1 (the first preview vers...
# announcements
We are starting the 1.4-M1 (the first preview version of the upcoming Kotlin 1.4.0) release activities. Please be patient, it will take a bit of time. It will be officially out only after the blog post appears in blog.jetbrains.com/kotlin. In the next couple of days you may see new artifacts appear in various repositories. Since we don’t have full control of all the systems involved, you may temporarily observe and inconsistent state of the 1.4-M1 world. Please don’t be alarmed, the blog post will notify you when we reach a consistent state 🙂 Looking forward to your feedback on 1.4-M1 when it’s ready. Have a nice Kotlin!
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Already active here: https://play.kotlinlang.org/ :)