Throwing this out there in case anyone else has ru...
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Throwing this out there in case anyone else has run into it - I’ve got a multiproject with about 500 kotlin files spread over about 15 projects. Everything runs great!… until I’m in a higher memory pressure environment - the default CircleCI container in this case. I’ve been running into sporadic errors during my Gradle build that I’ve deduced are coming from OOM, usually during compile or DCE tasks. If anybody has any clues on how to make this perform more nicely under these conditions, that could save me a few forehead wrinkles 🙂
I had that issue with GitHub Actions and solved it by increasing Gradle memory limit through an environment variable. You can probably do the same in Circle CI:
I’ll take a peek, thanks
we've had luck using JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS to tell the jvm to constrain its usage, eg: -- we generally have the build jvm + one jvm forked for running tests (via maven/surefire), so limit each of those to 2 of circle's 4G limit
Great, stuff to try