Marcin Wiśniewski

01/23/2020, 10:30 AM
Hi, during project compilation (maven 3.6.3, kotlin 1.3.61) I received following error:
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[INFO] Possible cache corruption. Rebuilding. <|>.PersistentEnumeratorBase$CorruptedException: PersistentEnumerator storage corrupted /builds/swb/api/api/target/kotlin-ic/compile/caches-jvm/inputs/
<|>.PersistentEnumeratorBase$CorruptedException: PersistentEnumerator storage corrupted /builds/swb/api/api/target/kotlin-ic/compile/caches-jvm/inputs/
    at <|>.PersistentEnumeratorBase.<init>(
    at <|>.PersistentBTreeEnumerator.<init>(
    at <|>.PersistentEnumeratorDelegate.<init>(
    at <|>.PersistentHashMap.<init>(
    at <|>.PersistentHashMap.<init>(
    at <|>.PersistentHashMap.<init>(
    at <|>.PersistentHashMap.<init>(
    at <|>.PersistentHashMap.<init>(
Problem occurs only on Gitlab-CI pipeline. Compilation on local machine works well. Can anybody help me to fix it?
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Alexey Belkov [JB]

01/23/2020, 11:05 AM
This is some problem with incremental compilation cache corruption. It should help if you turn it off on CI (it doesn't make sense to compile incrementally on CI anyway): If it doesn't help, please file an issue at with some details to help investigation, such as build logs and project source, or at least Maven configuration files. Thanks.