Okay I know you can have sealed classes for a when...
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Okay I know you can have sealed classes for a when check to verify that you are covering all branches. is the reverse possible say given a string input I output all sealed classes under a hirachy? I'm guessing no the type checker can't verify
what is the meaning behind "string input"? There is
if that's what are you looking for
Ha! Hesitated to ask that question Yesterday xD my usecase was as Well that i got object input and wanted to verify that if the given input CAN be parsed it will be parsed correctly.
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return when(type) {
                CostPerTransaction::class.simpleName -> CostPerTransaction(unit())
                CostPerTransactionTiered::class.simpleName -> CostPerTransactionTiered(unit(), upper())
                PercentageFee::class.simpleName -> PercentageFee(percent())
                PercentageFeeTiered::class.simpleName -> PercentageFeeTiered(percent(), upper())
Thats what I mean by string the variable type is a string. The classes "PercentageFee" etc are in a sealed hirachy. Basically I would like if someone adds to the hirachy to know to find this piece of code and add to it. i.e. all possible branches are covered.
Kotlin has exhaustiveness check for enums and sealed classes only. Is it possible to solve this with enum?
I was wondering that myself.