but when I do Foo..Foo its a type of ClosedRange&l...
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but when I do Foo..Foo its a type of ClosedRange<Foo> insead of FooRange that I've implemented
You need to overload the range operator:
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operator fun Foo.rangeTo(other: Foo) = FooRange(...)
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many thanks! ❤️
didn't know I have to overload the range too
@diesieben07 I did so
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class IpAddressRange(
    start: Ipv4Address,
    endInclusive: Ipv4Address
) : ClosedRange<Ipv4Address>, IpAddressProgression(start, endInclusive)

operator fun Ipv4Address.rangeTo(other: Ipv4Address) = IpAddressRange(this, other)
and it worked at first but then I moved it to other module and broke, any ideas?
Make sure you import the function
damn indeed
thanks again