Does anybody know any useful library for invoking ...
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Does anybody know any useful library for invoking SOAP web services in Kotlin?
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just for completeness: you can always fallback to one written in Java (Java-Kotlin interop is king)
Yes sure do you have any suggestion for java though for this purpose? @Stephan Schroeder
If you use Spring, then Spring Web Services has a client in it. If you don't use Spring, I'd look at what it is using under the covers. I don't recall a it's been awhile, but it is wrapping a library. And they would only wrap something that's maintained.
Thanks guys, here is the story I did not not manage to generate java classes with Soap UI CXF generation feature, what I did I generated the class files using Intelidge Idea generate webservice client from WSDL feature and I invoked it from my kotlin controller. I looked at Spring Web Services it looks outdated for me (I am not sure).
SOAP hasn't changed in a long time, so I wouldn't expect the libraries to be particularly active either. But SOAP support is slowly disappearing. The JDK had a wsimport tool, but I believe that was removed in 11. So your options are reducing...