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1: What is Kotlin?

A: Kotlin is a statically-typed language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine. It can seamlessly interoperate with Java and is considered an alternative to the standard Java compiler.
what about Multi-platform?
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2. Is Kotlin better than Java?
The answer should simply be Yes
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6. What's the difference between val and var in Kotlin?
The answer leaves out
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7. What are the basic data types in Kotlin? 

A: Numbers, characters, Booleans, arrays, and strings.
why is Numbers and Boolean written big? Everything is presented as a class in Kotlin. Is a String more basic than a List?
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2. Is it possible to migrate code from Java to Kotlin? 

A: Yes, it is. IntelliJ IDEA is a tool that can help you do that.
It’s possible to migrate from any language to any language.
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3. What are data classes in Kotlin?

... In Kotlin, all it takes is adding keyword data to the class, and the compiler will automatically generate a default getter and setter. ...
getters and setters are created for all (non-private) properties of all classes, as well, so this isn’t data class specific at all. Data classes also get
implementations. (+
) PS: I love the job interview memes on the page 😂
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