I hate how clumsy IDEA and Android Studio are. All...
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I hate how clumsy IDEA and Android Studio are. All I did was create a new project called "Ben Leggiero's Résumé" and first it hits me with confusion over the apostrophe, and then this:
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com.android.tools.idea.gradle.project.sync.ng.NewGradleSyncNotSupportedException: New Gradle Sync is not supported due to containing Kotlin modules
Can anyone help me out?
Couldn't even fix the error in that screenshot by deleting all virtual devices and creating a new one 😖
Uninstalled HAXM, downloaded the latest version, installed that. Seems to have done it.
So much effort just to run an empty project 😓
Using apostrophe and non ASCII characters to name a project is calling for trouble in any programming environment. You had to manually install HAXM cause you are on Windows. And the IDE can do nothing about that. Also HAXM is only needed to properly run the emulator, which, again, is not the IDE.
PS this slack is about kotlin. Android Studio, emulator issues and the likes are out of topic by a long shot
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