Hey Kotlineers! New Kotlin developer coming from t...
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Hey Kotlineers! New Kotlin developer coming from the
world - Are there any scaffold generators available for Kotlin? Essentially something that will generate a model and database migration for a specified schema?
I don't have a specific use case. Just curious if there was something similar to what rails has available in Kotlin.
SQL delight is my goto solution for database things in kotlin. It handles migrations but I'm not sure what a scaffold is
@Saurav Kothari #spring is really the most full featured framework in the Kotlin world. It’s a java framework with support for Kotlin. There’s also #ktor, but it’s unopinionated and doesn’t come with a persistence library.
Let me dig deeper in to spring and see what I can find
@mbonnin so in rails you could do a
rails generate model ABC attribute1:type1 attribute2:type2
and it will generate a Model file ABC and migration files with the given attributes and types based on the database configured. I was trying to find if Kotlin had something similar
Rails is a framework. Kotlin is a programming language.