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Nikola Milovic

07/16/2019, 4:32 PM
Yo guys how many job openings are there for kotlin? I got pretty comfortable with it but whenever i look at job offers its all java and if you know kotlin its just a bonus

Marko Mitic

07/16/2019, 4:35 PM
We're hiring Kotlin devs

Nikola Milovic

07/16/2019, 4:37 PM
Any more info?

Casey Brooks

07/16/2019, 4:38 PM
I don’t have any actual data to back this up, but I think that’s probably just the nature of things with how Kotlin has positioned itself in the market. Kotlin is really just better syntax over the Java ecosystem for most of its users; companies using Kotlin in production are likely working in a JVM stack, so they need to know that you can work well within the JVM ecosystem (knowing the Java libraries, tools, frameworks, etc). To that end, The Java ecosystem is what these companies are looking for, not the Java source language. I’m sure many of these companies wouldn’t object to using Kotlin within their existing stack, if they don’t already

Nikola Milovic

07/16/2019, 4:41 PM
Oh that does make a lot of sense, thanks
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Josh Feinberg

07/16/2019, 5:42 PM
#hiring ?


07/16/2019, 9:23 PM
@Casey Brooks there are 2.62 openings 🧌
Seriously though, Kotlin is the future.